Shining star feature to hunt MapleStory Mesos

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/07/15 11:24:37 Views: 1235

For many maplestory fans the Shining Star update for MapleStory adds new MapleStory items, as well as new ways to enhance equipment. The latter will help Maplers improve their gear more easily.So here are 3 part to look forward to  get effective enhancement in Maplestory.



Enhancement with MapleStory Mesos


Players will notice streaks of light racing across the sky in the Shining Star update. As the stars fall and make enemies stronger, so does it improve player equipment. The Shining Star update adds the Star Force Enchancement system. This new system allows players to upgrade equipment using MapleStory Mesos. There is one catch however. Only items that have completed their scroll enhancements can be upgraded this way. The goal of the new system is to give Maplers an alternative way to upgrade their gear. Note that the maximum enhancement levels of items have also been adjusted to accommodate this new feature.


Tweaking MapleStory Mesos hunters


Continuing the game’s recent revamp of various classes, the new update will tweak twenty-one different classes. The skill adjustments will vary from cooldown time modification and damage increases to general skill behavior changes. The changes intend to improve gameplay for Maplers.


The amount of skill points given when a character reached his or her 4th job has also been changed. After the Shining Star update, classes reaching the 4th job will only have 255 skill points. Note that master level on certain skills will be adjusted to reflect the change.


New items to hunt MapleStory Mesos with


Along with the Shining Star update are equipment for your MapleStory Mesos hunter. Maplers can now get Lv. 120 Eclectic armor, Lv. 120 Briser weapons, Lv. 110 Zakum’s Poisonic Weapons, Lv. 130 Royal Von Leon equips and more. Accessories like the Lv. 140 Golden Clover Belt and Lv. 100 Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory have been added. Additionally, collecting whole sets of armor will give characters new set effects.