Special Promotions For The Philosopher’s Book In MapleStory

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According to MapleStory site, the Philosopher's Book is available during non-Reboot worlds' Special Promotions event which started from March 3 to March 14.


The Philosopher's Book is a special event item that will give you two random in-game items when you open it. When you enter the Cash Shop, you can find it in the Special Promotions > Limited Time section. Each Philosopher’s Book can only be used once. Although the Philosopher’s Book will only give two rewards per use, please make sure you have at least the following amount of slots open in your inventory for the item to work correctly: 1 Equip, 2 Use, 1 Etc, 2 Set-Up. Note: This item cannot be purchased with NX Credit.



Philosopher's Book


• Price (1): 2,600 NX

• Price (11): 26,000 NX

• Duration: 90 days


For this edition of the Philosopher's Book, we'll list the reward would be added below:


• Android Heart: Liquid-Metal Heart: STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +3. MaxHP: +100. Upgrades available: 9. Can be enhanced up to 12 Star. Trade disabled upon equip.

• Androids: Damienroid, Aliciaroid. Both androids come with a shop.

• 20 Slot Bags: Mineral, Herb, Title, Chair, Soul, Production, Recipe

• Chairs: Train Trip Chair, Fireworks Chair, Sleepy Bird Chair, Gondola Pair Chair (if two players sit near each other in the same chair, an effect appears), Carousel Chair, Green Frog Spring Chair, Puppet Show Chair

• Scrolls: Lv. 150 Star Force 12 Star 100% Enhancement, Lv. 160 Star Force 12 Star 100% Enhancement


• Familiars: Big Spider, Mutant Ribbon Pig, Mutant Snail


There are some items that would be removed from the reward list:


• Androids: TOP Schoolroids, Boy Android, Girl Android

• Battle Square Herb Bag, Battle Square Mineral Bag

• 8, 10, 12 Slot Bags: Herb, Mineral

• Chairs: Cool Cat Chair, Black Dragon Devil Throne, Chair on the Range, Igloo, Triple Volt Chair, Zombie Hunter Chair

• Mounts: Rabbit Rickshaw Coupon, Double Transformation Mount Permanent Coupon, Double Red Truck Mount Permanent Coupon, Double Power Suit Mount Permanent Coupon


Remember, in addition to the above changes, you can still receive items such as:

Frenzy Totem, Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon, Lv. 150 Fafnir weapons, Rings, Androids, Planet Chair set, Permanent Mounts, Lv. 160 Sweetwater accessories, Android Hearts, Gollux Pendant and Belts, Lv. 140 Empress set equips, A- and B-rank Nebulites and some Special scrolls etc.


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