The Brand New MapleStory Special Soul Gears

Maplestoryer Date: Jan/10/17 12:12:34 Views: 1271

As we mentioned in Fantasy War Tactics x MapleStory Collaboration, there are some new contents will be added to game.


The Fantasy War Tactics official Facebook acccount posted two January updates yesterday, which contains a new part, MapleStory Special Soul Gear.


MapleStory Special Soul Gear


Special Soul Gears for the MapleStory collaboration heroes will be released soon. The MapleStory Soul Gears will be developed in a special way since the producer want to bring the concept of MapleStory to the game. 

Introducing for the first time, 'Pet' style Soul Gears.

Apart from the usual weapon + wing style Soul Gears, MapleStory heroes will have their unique Weapon + Pet (Wing) Soul Gears to equip. 


Here're the image of MapleStory Special Soul Gear