The Pirate job in Maplestory2

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As go up levels,the explorer class can be choose their own job with freedom.One of these jobs is the Pirate. Using cunning, guns and brute strength, they can get Maplestory items and MapleStory Mesos easily.


Plundering MapleStory Mesos


Pirates are a mix between Warriors and Thieves. They have devastating melee attacks, as well as powerful ranged ones. This class has a preference for guns and knuckles for weapons. Despite the high damage however, their output varies as savage as they are. They also benefit from high movement speed and can attack fairly quickly. Farther down their Job Tree, Pirates can choose whether to specialize in range or melee damage.


Turning your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a pirate


Maplers can turn their Explorer character into a Pirate once they reach level 10. Once that required level has been obtained, they simply need to head over to Nautilus Port and look for Kyrin’s Ship. Inside, they will need to find and talk to Kyrin. She will then advance your Explorer character to the Pirate job. Note however that unlike other classes, your use inventory slot will not be expanded.


Future jobs of your MapleStory Mesos hunter


The Pirate job is just the first job your Explorer will have. With enough levels, your character will reach its second job advancement. Here you can choose between a Gunslinger or a Brawler. The Gunslinger prioritizes ranged weapons using guns. The Brawler on the other hand relies on his or her fists and knuckles to deal damage in combat.


Like all classes, Pirates offers skills to characters upon changing jobs. This includes skills like Bullet Time that permanently improves Accuracy, maximum movement speed and jump. Double Shot is another skill players will receive. This ability allows characters to fire two consecutive shots at the enemy.