The Progress Of Localization Of Chinese Version Of MapleStory 2

Maplestoryer Date: Oct/26/16 12:38:14 Views: 2648

As we know, MapleStory 2 is going to kick off its first Closed Beta in China. Here we will give a talk between Tencent Games and other medias.


Media – M Tencent’s Project Team – P

M: Korean version of MapleStory2 has been officially open beta test in July 2015. How’s the progress of localization of Chinese version? When the 1st close beta test begin?

P: Now the Chinese version is under preparation. Although Korean version of MapleStory2 has been officially open beta test in July 2015, but we confirmed to agent MapleStory2 in December. And the Chinese version is our top priority so that our development and operation team want to make it perfect. The specific time of close beta test of MapleStory2 in China is still not entirely sure, but we will announce the schedule shortly after.



M: Count for Magic Swordman, Korean version of MapleStory2 has 9 characters in total. Will Chinese version update all these characters as same as Korean version?

P: It depends. Now the whole project is under discussion.


M: If not, which character will be revealed early? Will there be the exclusive character?

P: MapleStory2 has always been based on diversified professional characteristics. Chinese version will hold on it. And current opening 8 characters will open as a preferred choice. The exclusive characters in Chinese version is not yet confirmed.



M: In addition to the characters, will the game have more Chinese elements such as special Dungeons and map games added in the process of localization?

P: This is both development and operations teams’ hope. And we will solicit the opinions of the players to promote our game. At the same time, in addition to the traditional Chinese elements, we want to be more fashionable and follow Chinese characteristic elements which suits for the market trend.


M: PVP seems very mediocre in Korean version of MapleStory2. What do we do for PVP content? Should we readjust greatly or inherit it directly?

P: It is our common goal to strength PVP content. And we will inherit and promote the current content. New PVP gameplay is also under development.


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