The Recent MapleStory Content Feedback

Maplestoryer Date: Nov/11/16 13:04:21 Views: 1538

Have you played Maplestory recently and be awared of the content newly added?


This topic will list some questions and veteran gamers' answers to know how gamers felt about the Halloween and other recently added content in MapleStory.


Q1: What are your favorite parts of MapleStory’s last few content updates (For example: QoL changes, class rebalancing, Haunted Mansion, Secret Stories, Afterlands or MMF)?

A1: I like the QOL changes, and I'm excited about the upcoming changes as well. Secret Stories and MMF were fun (although I suck at Bullet Hell-type games). Afterlands is really unique content with a good format, but many players (including myself) are stuck with the gold sack quest. It's either a bug, or please just tell us how to do it already.


Q2: Do you enjoy story-driven content like Heroes of Maple and Secret Stories? If so, what are your thoughts on our newest story content?

A2: I like story content more than anyone, and I'm excited for the Arcane River stuff. It might be worthwhile to tweak Masteria into something similar, especially after the blockbuster.


Q3: To you as a player, what is MapleStory’s biggest draw?

A3: The biggest draw is probably the design of the game overall. The story is great for those who pay attention, and people enjoy the simplicity.


Q4: What are your expectations for the quality of MapleStory’s localization?

A4: The quality is excellent, save for a few typos and text. It's hard to localize stuff properly, Nexon does a good job.


Q5: Does the localization of recent content fall short of, meet, or exceed those expectations?

A5: Localization has been getting better with each update. Mushroom Shrine Tales was handled especially well.


Q6: In recent updates, what do you feel we have handled well?

A6: I feel in recent updates you've handled the actual content design well; no reliance on the cash shop for any recent events, and newer content that's somewhat rewarding (Wings of Fate, Afterlands EXP), and I would enjoy future content and updated content with good rewards (spell traces in the Root Abyss coin shop for Yggdrasil Runes, for example, I've made that suggestion on a few surveys).


Q7: What could we have handled better?

A7: I think a lot of the newer content was a bit buggy. That's to be expected, but a lot of the problems have been severe (I.E. getting stuck in Afterlands, getting locked out of the MMF, getting locked out of Maid to Order, etc). In addition, the number of bots has increased dramatically within the previous weeks. I know stuff is being looked into, but captchas might be nice (you could even design them to be unique, like selecting a specific Maplestory character out of an image or something). Finally, lag has been a big issue recently, although it was localized in the chat channels, the event hall, and the Dragon Rider maps. KMS recently removed excess old data, it might be wise to move this optimization into a closer update or do your own cleaning.


As for the last point, other gamers hope the game could use some cleaning. Also the game could benefit a lot if high damage and competition was not the focus and bring the focus back to community. Ways they think this can be done if tweaking the potential system if not removing it completely so bosses will actually need multiple people to fight them. Maybe rewarding party play more. Also if it is possible fixing it so the Pantheon would link to every major town would help to encourage use of ships again, that is a great place to meet new people.


So, how you felt about the Halloween Events and other recently added content? Let us know how you think aout.


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