The Shining Star update for MapleStory

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The Shining Star update for MapleStory adds the Star World dungeon for Maplers to get MapleStory Mesos and MapleStory items in. The dungeon features quests and special loot for those who participate. We’ll go through the basics of this dungeon and what prizes await those who journey to the stars.


Getting your MapleStory Mesos hunter to join


The Star World dungeon is open to characters level 30 and above. Maplers can visit the dungeon anytime between December 3 and January 6. To get to the dungeon, players simply need to accept the quest [Star World] Doorway to the Night Sky available from the star notifier on the left of the game window. Your character will be then teleported to the event hall where you can access the Star World Gate to enter the dungeon.


Quests for your MapleStory Mesos hunter


Star World itself is divided into four different nations. These are the Springtean, Summeron, Autmist and Winterisia. Visitors to these star nations can accept quests from the kings and queens of these nations. Completing these constellation quests will reward Maplers with Star World Coins. Note that as more quests are completed, more items can be bought at Stellar’s Star Light Shop. Star World Gift Boxes can also be obtained through daily quests and from killing monsters in the area.


MapleStory Mesos and items to get


Star World Coins can be exchanged at Stellar’s Star Light Coin Shop for nifty items. Maplers can get Constellation Chairs, and a Night Sky Damage Skin. Those who want to prove that they have gone to Star World can also purchase a Star World Traveler Medal.


Those who open Star World Gift Boxes can obtain a random item. Many items can be received this way including but not limited to Trait items, Restorative items Cubic Blades and even more Star World Coins.