Turn your MapleStory Mesos hunter into a Vampire

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/01/15 14:36:27 Views: 1203

You can hunt MapleStory Mesos as a Vampire. You can even get items and equipment from Blackheart day and advice for dating. We’ll look into these three events today.


From February 4 until March 3, players can turn their characters into a Vampire. This can be done by hunting monsters near their level and obtaining Vampire’s Blood. Being part of the kindred will then allow them to take on different quests. Finishing the quests will then reward players with various items including Bloody Queen Chair, Killer Ace Chair and more. Maplers can also cure the Vampire Virus to receive a Childhood Friend Heart along with a Darkhound Android. For a full list of rewards, make sure to check out the official event page.



Blackheart day for MapleStory Mesos hunters


Single on Valentines day? Don’t let that stop you from having fun. With the Blackheart day running from February 4 to February 24, players can get items and MapleStory mesos for their characters. Gather Monster Love Detectors by hunting monsters near your level. These items can then be used to summon monster couples or a Lovestruck King Slime. Kill these to obtain Blackheart Day drops.


Through the event, players can also earn Singles Points, Lovey-Dover Rings and Heartbreaking Necklaces. Maplers can then use these to get themselves damage skins, equipment, items and a Single Serving Chocolate Chair. Who says you have to be with anyone to enjoy Valentines?


Buffs for your MapleStory Mesos hunter


If you’re still pining for a sweetheart but keep on failing on getting one, then you might need some advice. From February 18 to March 3, Maplers can get Cassandra’s Dating Advice. To start the event, talk to NPC Cassandra. She will then give you a Lovestruck Crystal Ball. Players then simply need to stay logged in for 30 minutes. After this waiting period, the item will turn into a Shiny Lovestruck Crystal Ball. Finish the quest and you can get buffs for your MapleStory Mesos hunter.