Use Spectrum Goggles playing MapleStory

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Spectrum Goggles are a attenuate section of accoutrement in the massively multi-player online role-playing "MapleStory." Your appearance has to be at atomic Level 70 afore he can abrasion the goggles, which accord a one-point addition to Strength, Dexterity and Speed stats. The alone way to get the Spectrum Goggles is to win them from a Gachapon action machine, which you can play application Nexon Points bought from the in-game Cash Shop. It may yield several attempts to win the Spectrum Goggles, as there are abounding items in anniversary Gachapon.


Go to Henesys on Victoria Island or New Leaf City-limits in Masteria.


Click the "Cash Shop" button at the basal of the capital bold screen.


Buy Gachapon tickets from the Cash Shop. They amount 1000 NX Points each.


Leave the Cash Shop and go to the Gachapon machine. In New Leaf City, it is on a belvedere west of the city-limits center, next to the alarm tower. In Henesys, it is on a belvedere just to the west of the centermost of town.


Play the Gachapon apparatus application the tickets you bought from the Cash Shop until you win the Spectrum Goggles.