What about DB or Evan for A Beginner in Maplestory

Maplestoryer Date: May/07/18 16:45:32 Views: 1657

I'm trying to get a friend into Maplestory, but am having difficulty figuring out what class to suggest. I know a common suggestion is Lumi, but I'm 99% sure she would hate it. I was thinking Shade for simplicity, but I fear without funding it'll be too weak to be enjoyable. I was also thinking DA since they can be a strong class without much funding. What about DB or Evan for a beginner?



1. You basically need a class that's strong enough jobs 1-3 to be interesting, as well as flashy enough to keep them occupied, with a very strong 4th job that can keep them going until they hit the wall at around ~150-160. After which they can decide if they want to commit further to the game.


I think classes that fit this description are any of the cygnus knights except night walker. After revamps they're all extremely flashy, and all viable to fund and make strong. They all have satisfying mobbing skills as well as decent mobility, and again, flashiness is pretty important for pulling someone into the game, especially when they're on the fence.


2. Yeah I was actually thinking of TB since those are pretty enjoyable classes. I was thinking about leveling up a bishop along with her since I know until she gets into it she'll only play when we're both playing.


What do you suggest out of the CKs for a new player? I think TB, but I've only played TB & DW.


3. I've gotten a few of my friends and family into Maple over the years and none of them really cared about what class was the strongest or what had the most damage unfunded. Think about how you were when you played your first MMORPG; we just chose whatever was coolest to us. What I've noticed is that when a new player really likes a class, they'll find a way to make it work, no matter how hard or suboptimal it is. 


My two sisters played years ago - one was a Beast Tamer and the other was an Evan without Magic Guard. They weren't soloing CVel, but they were having a great time. At that point they were putting more hours into the game than I was. I'm not sure if they would have enjoyed Maple as much if I told them to play a Demon Avenger instead. More maplestoryer news please keep eyes on maplestoryer.com which would devote to offer amounts of cheap Ms mesos online.