What Job to Pick be need in Maplestory

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Lots of people play Maplestory, but very few are happy with the jobs they pick at level 10. This guide is only for people who have accounts.


1.Pick a warrior for these attributes. If you wish a appearance with top HP and acceptable attacks in your aboriginal stages, again you wish to be a warrior. Warriors are acceptable at training and are generally arrive to guilds and parties, and they are actual big-ticket characters. Warriors, abnormally extra man, are accustomed mobbers, and thus, simple to akin during your aboriginal and additional job advancements.


2.Choose bowmen if you like top DEX. If you wish a appearance with top DEX and Acceptable Mob attacks, again accept bowman. They accept actual quick ambit attacks and they accord a actual acceptable bulk of damage. They are one of the cheapest characters to get and they are actual acceptable people. 1st Job bowmen can get a accomplishment that gives them up to 160% acceleration and at 2nd Job, they can arouse altered familiars.


3.Catch a thief. If you wish a appearance with top LUK and DEX, again you wish a thief. They aswell aftermath actual acceptable ambit attacks, and can use knives and acrimony whenever they want. Thieves are one of the a lot of accepted jobs in Maplestory, and are envied by a lot of people.


4.Whip up a magician. If you're searching for a appearance that has actual top MP and does actual acceptable accident if application mob attacks, again you wish a magician. Magicians do actual able-bodied in leveling until about akin 15, again it's actual harder to akin for about 5 levels. Archimage is anticipation of as the lamest job for abounding people. But they are actual able ambit attackers and mob attackers. They accept actual top advance and are acclimated in Affair Quests actual frequently because of their continued ambit attacks.


5.Be a pirate. Pirates use accoutrements and duke to advance their way up. They are actual fast attackers, accept mob attacks in 1st job, their abilities are interesting, and accept a acceptable birr attack. Like the thief, authoritative a charlatan can be expensive, but they accept godly abilities (Gunslinger)


6.Be a Cygnus Knight. The Cygnus Knights are agnate to Explorers (Warrior, Mage, Thief, Bowman, and Pirate), but their abilities accept an aspect accompanying to them. The classes are: Dawn Warrior, Blaze Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, and Thunder Breaker. Remember, anniversary chic has their own advantages and disadvantages.


7.Ride with an Aran. They are a chic which use mobbing skills. Unlike added Warriors and Dawn Warriors, they use pole arms. In their aboriginal job, they accept a movement accomplishment alleged Combat Step. Arans accept a acceptable knock-back and in their 4th job, they get a accomplishment that can abate their accident from monsters. However, for a lot of skills, they crave a huge combo. They aswell accept wolf mounts starting at akin 50, growing in admeasurement and awesomeness until akin 200.


8.Roar with an Evan. Evans are like a lot of Magicians, but they use their dragons to attack. They accept advancements every 10 levels and every advance gives you new skills. They accept added HP than approved Magicians, Blaze Wizards, and Battle Mages. Evans can disclose their affair associates in their 10th Master. However, they don't accept a healing skill, and Magic Guard, Magic Booster, and Analytical Magic requires accomplishment books, which requires NX to buy.


9.Become a Dual Blade. Dual Blades are thieves who uses acrimony and kataras to fight. They accept fast advance abilities and mobbing skills. Dual Blades accept a appropriate accomplishment in their 4th job that allows them and their affair associates to get a college adventitious of accepting analytical attacks. However, like the Evan, you will charge to buy ability books for Slash Storm, Tornado Spin, Mirror Image, Flying Assaulter, Sudden Raid, and Thorns.


10Join the Resistance. The Resistance are Magicians, Bowmen, and Pirates (Gunslingers) with a twist. Resistance Associates accept a accomplishment that combines Dark Sight with Nimble Feet. They aswell accept a accomplishment that gives potions up to 30% added HP and MP.