What most Impressive for you about MapleStory?

Maplestoryer Date: Jan/30/15 11:59:28 Views: 1204

I remember how deep and endless the ellinia forest felt and seeing a flying Malady and instantly getting killed. I remember in HHG1 doing the spam pot glitch climbing the rope to avoid getting teleported to HHG2 and reaching all the way up to that platform. I remember that I couldn't become a bowman at lvl 10 because my stats were messed up so I had to grind to level 15 as a beginner till I was finally able to get 1st job. I used to think that Pig Beach was the coolest hideout/training spot in the game and that damned armored pig always forced me to change channel. I also remember my friend showing me Mushmoms lair and when she spawned it dropped ilbis! That was also when they were like 53mil in Bera. I also remember having to track and autoclick kerning and ludi PQs and felt like a pro when we managed to get into PQs consistently.



Honestly though I just miss everything about the old maple. Nowadays all of these new classes just feel the same with crazy mobility and aoe. Each class had its own unique feel to them and had their own advantage. Thieves used to be the coolest with flash jump and shadow clone which made them badass for example. One of the things that made the game go downhill was when they introduced things like being able to get skills like Hyper Body and Haste on items for example. Having DrKs or Dark Lords in your party were not necessary anymore since you were able to self buff.


The leveling process has really become noob-friendly also. I remember spending my entire winter break grinding from level 80-100 on my DK partied up with a priest at hymes on double exp. Back then it really felt like an accomplishment to me. All of that is put to shame when you can reach 100 easily within a day. Though, I guess you could call this a good thing that levelling has become easier for new players. But whatever.


I had some great memories when i first started all the way back in 2005 when i first discovered it. I do certainly miss those days but I'm positive Nexon will not do anything to bring back the old players. MapleStory has really evolved into a whole different game whether it's good or bad and its sad to say that I really can't see myself getting sucked back into this game ever again.