What Skill Animations Do You Find Underwhelming in Maplestory

Maplestoryer Date: May/30/18 09:18:15 Views: 1691

For me, I find it hard to believe Chain Lightning is a 4th job skill from an aesthetics standpoint. Two frames of awkward character animation and all that comes out is a pitiful stream of electricity. Today, let's see some skill animations, it will make you find underwhelming.



1. Honestly all explorer skills look shit tier. They really need a skill animation rework (Especially buccs).


2. Personally I love the skill effect for enrage RB on hero. Dark knight has good looking skills too. DB skill effects are among best imo for explorers but the hit box needs to be adjusted to match the visuals.


I do agree that pre 5th mage skills are kinda lack luster compared to newer classes. Also they should update hurricane for BM since the vfx hasn’t changed.


3. Demon Slayer's Infernal Concussion.


Not only the animation looks bad, it's super slow and you can't even jump-cast it the normal way, only by pressing jump+skill at the same time and that's assuming you have Sticky Keys or very low ping. Very clunky skill to use overall.


4. More kinesis main attack, 4got what its calld made me quit kinesis, idk it jsut doesnt feel like there is any IMPACT. i think it's due to the sounds, lack of color, and lack of hit effects. Now id like to ask, what are yall favorite & most satisfying skill animations.


5. Meanwhile in the reverse, every Beast Tamer skill is as flashy as possible yet the DPS is sad and disappointing. Champ Charge and Group Bear Blaster are some of the most animation heavy skills and they’re utter garbage because of it :< Who designs a hyper that has an 8 second non invincible animation to do 800% damage for only 8 lines? 


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