What Stuff Do You Put on Your Pet Ignore, Maplestory?

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/19/18 03:09:36 Views: 3391

Seeing as how flames are gonna be dropping from flames for Reboot bosses, I wanted to make a list of common items that would be good to pet ignore. Just a remind, don't forget to from maplestoryer.com to buy Ms mesos, which is the best choice for Maplestory mesos services on the market!



Some ideas to get y'all started

  • Daily boss items that cannot be sold in shop and have to be dropped
  • Common recipes in daily bosses / popular fields (CLP)
  • Common garbage items from mining/herbing or things that otherwise take up space without much benefit
  • Assuming 3 pet ignores, there are 30 slots.


Pet 1: Boss Crap

  • Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory (Zak)
  • Condensed Power Crystal (Zak)
  • Crystal Ventus Badge (Magnus)
  • Dea Sidus Earring (Horntail)
  • Ifia's Earrings (Von Leon)
  • Ifia's Ring (Von Leon)
  • Royal Black Metal Shoulder (Magnus)
  • Silver Blossom Ring (Horntail)
  • Stone of Eternal Life (Hilla)
  • Will o' the Wisps (Hilla)


Pet 2: Crafting Junk

  • Alarm Clock (Left)
  • Alarm Clock (Right)
  • Condensed Star Dust
  • Hila's Pet Command Guide: Blackheart (Hilla)
  • Sealed Cubic Blade Reboot-only
  • Sealed Cubic Chaos Blade Reboot-only
  • Star Dust


Pet 3: Equips / Free slots

  • Utgard / Pensalir Set (if you're at Arcane River and want room for symbols, I suppose)


Looking for some ideas here. What are some annoying things you try to filter out for dailies especially? No need to follow the categories listed above if there's something popping out to you!


Not sure if Recipes should be included, as there may just be too many and they can be easily sold, but feel free to suggest ones you think are just likely to take up a slot often. I deliberately did not include Pink Holy Cup cause it might be a useful flame item. But that could go in a slot cause it can only be removed by dropping.