What the fun of Maplestory for you?

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/13/15 14:00:02 Views: 1069


I started to play maplestory since my first time trying  maplestory It was super fun at first, but after I hit 50, the quest take too long for what their worth and I feel like I'm just grinding copper drakes for hours on end. Is this all there is to this game or am I missing something?


So here be some answer.To be "good" or "op", yes, it's all about grinding... sadly. When I first started playing (back in 2010), I made the game fun for myself by doing all the quests- ALL of them. I literally went through every available thing in the quests window. I think at one point I actually had everything completed (aside from maybe 1 or 2), until they revamped some towns and re-added ones I already did, then I said screw it... lol.


Like previously stated, the fun is what you make it. Give yourself goals; play through all the mini dungeons, set foot on every single map in the game, kill every single boss... something! If you don't, it can get boring fast. :/ One handy activity that can take some time is collecting all the codex cards.