Which Class is the Hardest To Play in Maple Story

Maplestoryer Date: May/22/18 11:39:10 Views: 3898

So recently I've gotten back into Maplestory because I've once lost control of life. This time I want a class that isn't just mashing the same skill over and over. What would you guys say is the the hardest, least button-mashy class? This is on bera if that matters at all.



- They are not hard, but in endgame bosses you could dodge and attack with many skills which makes boss fight interesting and refreshing every time. Not too mention their mobbing is really smooth, especially after you figure out a route for a map, it makes grinding a breeze. Lvled a zero and a phantom to 230 (cause I like both classes) and I will say, leveling up a zero was way easier.


- I'd say mercedes. I'm guessing you'll like the combo style. I switch mains to this for the exact reasons you mention. And I'm pretty happy about it. I'd say learning the combos to navigate myself on the maps to mob it's some of the most fun I've had in maple so far.


Bossing it's a bit more simple now. But there it's still a clear difference on a nob merc and a pro merc. You have some animation canceling and micro things to manage if you want to be the very best. It's definitely not just hold your huracane skill.


- Cadena comes to mind: you have to cycle between about 9 different attacks and animation cancel certain attacks. Additionally the 9 attacks have different cd's as well so you have to take that into consideration. DA is also impossibly hard to play if you want to maximize dps but it has the same skills over and over for the most part.


- Could you explain a little more about what you define as hard?


Because Blaster is obviously right out, since you don't want button mashing. But what about classes that have a large focus on comboing and linking their skills together? Classes like zero, hayato, cadena, evan, and others all have use lots of different skills constantly. Just a remind, don't forget to from maplestoryer.com to buy Ms mesos, which is one of the best Cheap Ms mesos For Sale on the market!