Which Class to Choose on Maple Story

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If you are having a hard time choosing a character for Maple Story, here are some suggestions to help you out.


First of all,Decide the blazon of abilities you would like your appearance to have. Accomplish your accommodation based on the abilities that you will adore application the a lot of in the game. Think about whether you a lot of adore stealth, creating accident or canoeing through the bold in an balanced manner.


Then Identify the accomplishment set of anniversary class. Obviously, anniversary of the classes carries a altered way of playing. Read through the afterward for data afore you accomplish your choice.


Next,The following is a complete list of each possible class:


Fighter (Warrior)

Page (Warrior)

Spearman (Warrior)

Fire/Poison Wizard (Magician)

Ice/Lightning Wizard (Magician)

Cleric (Magician)

Hunter (Archer)

Crossbowman (Archer)

Bandit (Thief)

Assassin (Thief)

Gunslinger (Pirate)

Brawler (Pirate)

Cygnus Knights

Dawn Warrior (Warrior - Fighter)

Blaze Wizard (Magician - almost Fire/Poison, without Poison)

Wind Archer (Archer - Hunter)

Night Walker (Thief - Assassin)

Thunder Breaker (Pirate - Brawler)

Mikhail/Milhile (Dawn Warrior, KMS and GMS)


Battle Mage (Magician - unlike anything, uses Staff)

Wild Hunter (Archer - Crossbowman, but mounted)

Mechanic (Pirate - Gunslinger technically, very unlike Pirates, unique, mounted)

Demon (Warrior - comes in 2 paths: Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger. Demon Slayers use HP and DP for attacks, and use 1 handed axes and maces. Demon Avengers uses a special sword and HP consuming moves.)

Xenon (Thief/Pirate hybrid - uses Energy Sword, uses STR + DEX + LUK, bonus Surplus Supply system)


Aran (Warrior - uses Polearm, exclusive combo system)

Evan (Magician - unlike anything, uses a dragon)

Mercedes (Archer, uses dual crossbows)

Phantom (Thief, uses cards and a cane)

Luminous (Magician, uses a shining rod, orb and light/dark magic, KMS only)

Dual Blade

Dual Blade (Thief - Bandit that wields Katara as well as dagger)


Cannoneer (Pirate - Gunslinger who uses a cannon instead of a gun)


Kaiser (Warrior - Aran, uses a two handed sword, Dragon's Soul, a combo system and can transform into a dragon)

Angelic Burster (Pirate - uses a cannon/gun hybrid weapon)

Exclusive Classes

Jett (Pirate - Gunslinger with a science fiction twist, GMS only)

Dragon Warrior (Pirate - Similar to Jett but with different animal-themed animations and also uses summons. CMS only)

Hayato (Warror - Samurai class who uses two handed swords, JMS only)

Kanna (Magician - Shrine Maiden class who also can summon foxes, JMS only)

Shade (Pirate/Magician Hybrid - Uses mainly knuckles as primary weapon and Fox Marbles as second weapon, The only character who could go through the Middle Door at the Temple of Time)

Beast Tamer- Chase (Magician- of the beast tamer class, powers from several animal creatures: Cat, Snow Leopard, Bear and Hawk)

Zero (Warrior/Magician Hybrid - Child of Rhinne, The Transcendence of time, separated in to two by the Black Mage: Alpha(male), Beta(female) and imprisoned into the mirror world. Instead of using Mana, Zero uses Time Force (TF))